Tips to Rejuvenate your Skin this Fall


Today marks the first official day of Fall, also called the autumnal equinox according to the astronomical calendar. Autumn is a transitional time when the weather starts to get cooler and the sun starts to set sooner. Fall is also a great time for fashion as we get to see chic warmer attire gracing the runways of fashion week shows and magazines around the globe. Not only a transitional time for weather and fashion, fall is a transitional time for your skin. As weather conditions get cooler and drier it is important to properly hydrate and also help repair damage from the sun over the summer. To rejuvenate and repair your skin, choose high quality chemical-free products such as AnthroSpa Logic’s multitasking Cleansing Renewal Face Rub™ that will not only moisturize but infuse your skin with antioxidants to repair damage from free radicals. This 100% natural product has helped my skin stay smooth, soft and supple throughout the drier cooler season, while also encouraging cell renewal to prevent wrinkles. It is packed with antioxidants from time-tested ingredients that improve the texture and tone of your skin. Find it at


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